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The following shows are available for live and virtual environments.


Fast-paced, virtual team game that is great for reviewing facts. 

Facts can be general or customized to suit your company.

Corporate Feud

Based on the real TV show, 1 person per team will face off virtually to see who gets control of the board first.

The team who gets control can either keep it or pass it. 

The team with the most points at the end is the winner. 

Custom questions, themes, photos and audio files can be used as well.

Escape Room

Participate in a virtual escape room with your staff as you help a person

trapped in an unknown location make it to freedom.

You'll have to work together quickly to make it on to our leader board!

Puzzle Challenge

Get your thinking caps ready, these unique challenges will force you to think outside of the box.

Work as a team to solve a series of online logic puzzles.

Can your team set a high score on our leader board?

Rock Star Bingo

Bringing together two elements people know, love and have been playing for years

to produce a program that is fresh, exciting and creative. 

16 different variations of play including: Music Bingo, video bingo,

picture bingo, trivia bingo and more there is sure to be a fit for every group.

Take the edge-of-your-seat element of Bingo and add to that a “name that tune”

and you are half way to understanding what Extreme Bingo is all about.