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Light Balance - Electronic Dance Troupe

Light Balance Hi-Tech neon and LED show. Das Supertalent Golden Buzzer Act, Britain's Got Talent and Ukraine's Got Talent Finalists.

The light goes out and you are left alone with yourself, armed only by imagination. The atmosphere of magic, light, dance and music gets into you, makes you believe in what is happening on a stage. Colorful images of neon world remains in mind for a long time. This is Light Balance. A team of talented, young dancers, designers, programmers, and choreographers.

Catapult - Shadow Dance Troupe

Rhythm Extreme truly is Corporate America's #1 Rhythmic group. Catapult’s talented drowancers transform their bodies into seemingly impossible images that are not only amazing to look at, but the images also tell a story. Catapult is highly in demand for corporate event entertainment and continues to preform at corporate events worldwide. Check out their video and you’ll hardly be able to believe what you’re seeing is the human body as it takes many forms and is guaranteed to delight your corporate audience.

Glee-like Vocal Group & Gospel Choir 

Clint Holmes performs Nation Anthem during General Session

Extreme Beam